i've been keeping a pretty big secret... but it's now safe to spill the beans:  i had the great pleasure and challenge to help develop the soundscape of Blade Runner 2049, which is now in theaters!  it was a reunion of sorts, working with my earliest mentor, Mark Mangini (who recently won the SFX editing Oscar for Mad Max Fury Road), and two of my closest friends ever, Ron Bartlett (re-recording mixing) and Charlie Campagna (FX recording and SFX library) as well as Doug Hemphill (re-recording mixing), who, despite having known for 28 years, i just can't seem to get enough of.  

Here's a very good, and fairly in-depth article on the sound design for Blade Runner 2049 from CINEMONTAGE 

featuring the work of my long-time pals, as well as some of my own.



i have yet to see the whole film in one sitting (i finally did - more on that soon!), but having seen a handful of scenes in their final mix form, i can say that it's incredibly beautiful in its look, sound and feel.  the atmosphere has great depth.  it's the kind of vibe that we all (those mentioned above) seem to crave and rarely get to indulge in.  i haven't read any reviews yet, but i think for those of us involved in the track... mission accomplished.

meanwhile, patience...  i probably won't see the film for some time, as i am hitting the road to rural Utah for some non-profit adventures with the Center for Land Use Interpretation.  then off to Detroit for something very noisy, then to Houston for some high-voltage fun.  

stay tuned for a few fotos, videos, and stories about some of the sound effects we made for Blade Runner 2049.  cheers, everyone!

bladreunner 2049 bus stop.jpg