Who would ever think they would make recordings for a Star Wars movie?   other than Ben Burtt, who started all this fun over 40 years ago?

i still can hardly believe that i can now say, "Me".  No spoilers from me, though!  After its release, i will expound upon on a few recording sessions that i did for sound designer/supervisor Tim Nielsen.  Tim had many really great ideas, but was too busy to try them all, so he asked me to see a couple of them through.  they were really really cool sessions for a couple of key components  - new versions of classic sci-fi devices that we all know and love.  i'll write a bit about those and post some videos, *after* May 25.  one thing i've learned from working on the big features, is to not spill the beans before release.  really excited to see this in a great theater!   cheerio!

solo star wars poster.jpg